Best Choice Painting Improvements BBB Business Review


Before you decide to hire the cheapest painter you can find or “do it yourself”, consider the following:

  • Safety – Best Choice Painting is insured, bonded, and knowledgeable regarding various paints, solvents, dust and fume control, and techniques used to paint that are not as obvious as they seem. If your home was built before 1978 it may contain lead-based paint which can cause serious health problems if it is scraped or sanded during the painting process. Best Choice Painting is certified by the EPA to work with lead-based paint and follows the EPA’s strict guidelines to protect you and your family.
  • Written Contracts – all jobs are written out precisely to ensure that our customers know exactly what the job entails and to guarantee the completeness of the work. The contracts include the color names and sheens that are to be used and in what location. This also becomes a record for us for any future touch-ups that may need to be done. At the bottom of every contract is Best Choice Painting’s warranty policy. We will not start work until this document is signed by both the client and Best Choice Painting.
  • Preparation, Painting, Cleanup – Surfaces are properly prepped to ensure proper paint adhesion. This is possibly the most important part of painting and if prepped incorrectly, you could be looking at an expensive repair job. After prep work is complete high quality paints are applied evenly and correctly without being diluted or altered. We don’t cut corners to save a buck. Highest quality paint application is essential. And when we are done we clean up. Clients don’t have to worry about dealing with paint residues and other possibly toxic leftovers. Best Choice Painting thoroughly cleans the work area daily and upon completion of every job.