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Best Choice Painting Improvements is San Diego’s Best Choice for residential and commercial painting. We specialize in interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, and improvements. Please click here to see a full list of our services. As a former Marine, the owner Sam Orticelli insists on providing military and senior citizen discounts. So, why should you choose us, you ask? Well here is the answer...

Besides being San Diego’s Best Choice and providing superior quality at affordable prices, Best Choice Painting is:

Reliable – Being on-time and dependable for our customers is our policy.
Excellence – We provide nothing but top-quality work.
Guaranteed – All work is guaranteed

Our Services - Interior

Interior painting:

All interior spaces are first cleared of furniture and other objects. Outlet plates are removed, floors are covered with drop cloths, and plastic is used to protect other items. Next, wall surfaces are prepped, holes and cracks are filled, water damage and stains are repaired, and high quality primer is applied to guarantee proper paint adhesion. Finally, premium paint is applied by brush, roller, and/or sprayer producing a top quality finish. 

Drywall and Texture Repair:

Best Choice Painting can repair drywall from minor patches to complete walls. We are the San Diego’s best source for drywall hanging, drywall taping, drywall patching, drywall finishing and drywall repair.  Do you have a bad patch from a previous job that shows?  We can repair patches and re-texture to match perfectly.  

Painter by the Hour:

Give us a call today and hire a qualified professional to paint by the hour. We provide all equipment, discounted paint prices, and expertise to complete small jobs as well. This new program is a great and inexpensive option that allows you to get to know our painters and their abilities on a smaller scale before deciding on larger projects. A couple hours may be all you need! 

Cabinet Refinishing:

We specialize in refinishing kitchen cabinets. Contact us for customized kitchen cabinet estimates. 


Exterior painting:

All exterior surfaces are properly cleaned to remove dirt and mildew. We then perform all necessary preparation work including sanding, scraping, caulking, and other repairs. Next, we use a quality primer to ensure long-lasting adhesion. Finally, we apply high quality paint using a brush, roller, and/or sprayer achieving a beautiful finish. 

Pressure Washing:

High pressure machines are carefully used to wash surfaces including wood, vinyl siding, concrete, stucco, and more. Our experienced professionals adjust water pressure and stream concentration to remove dirt and mold without damaging surfaces. Areas are cleared of all objects to prevent damage and provide a safe working area. 

Deck & Fence Staining:

As the surface of a wood deck is exposed to sunlight, dirt, mildew, rain or snow it eventually deteriorates or fades in appearance. Even the toughest finish will succumb to weathering within a few years and will need to be refinished. A proper cleaning is an essential first-step in the refinishing of wood decks. We begin by protecting the working area including any structures and/or landscaping. Next, we professionally powerwash the wood surface. The water pressure is adjusted depending on the wood type. If needed, a commercial grade biodegradable cleaner is applied and rinsed from the wood surface in preparation for the sealing process. Upon completion the surrounding work area is rinsed off.

When the area is clean the surface is prepped to protect plants and nearby structures from stain, nails and screws are replaced if needed, rotten wood is replaced, and if necessary the area gets a light sanding. Once all these steps have been completely the wood is sealed and stained. Finally, the area is cleaned and left to dry.

Protect exterior wood by having Best Choice Painting properly seal and stain it. Save yourself money in the long-run and avoid wood rot, termite damage, and possibly complete replacement. 

Concrete Coverings:

Painting concrete patios and walkways can completely change the look of your home or business. Concrete can be acid stained or painted with special products to produce the desired effect. Afterwards, clear sealers can be applied to increase durability and provide a protective coating that can be rinsed clean with a hose. Add texture to the paint for a semi-rough surface and prevent slippery surfaces. Other substances can be added to provide different effects. By using high quality products, we can achieve the look you want. 

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